Medical Research and Production Complex «PBMCs Biotehindustriya» - the manufacturer of placental curative cosmetics intended for use in regenerative medicine, for professional salon and home care. The company has a license for pharmaceutical activity № 00-13-2-00-1807  from 17.10.2013 year, a license for medical activities № LO-69-01-001894 from 13.07.2016 year. The company operates in the Russian market 25 years, in the foreign market - more than 15 years. Research and production laboratory  of the company actively develops and uses the latest biotechnologies in the production. Medical centers of the company study and summarize clinical experience in the application of placental cosmetics and BAAs supplements «Placentol Professor Lyubimov YI» in the practice of regenerative medicine. Company’s publisher «PBMCs Biotehindustriya» publishes books, brochures, manuals on biotechnology and bio-products «Placentol».

The company produces environmentally friendly biologically active preparations, medical cosmetics and revitalizing products for medical, veterinary, floriculture, plant growing, beekeeping. We are a developing company, we do not stand still and conduct experimental research, clinical trials of products in the leading scientific centers of Russia.

Efficacy and safety of products «Placentol» are confirmed by medical clinical trials. Safety of all products is confirmed by certificates of conformity to GOST, certificates of environmental conformity, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions of Russian Federation Health Ministry.

Methods of application of curative cosmetics and BAAs, based on placental complex «Placentol by Professor Lyubimov YI» for health purposes described in the manual for doctors, approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and the Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology (2005). Methods of application of produced veterinary preparations approved by the Veterinary Department Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

High quality and conformity of products with international environmental requirements noted by many prestigious diplomas and medals of Russian and foreign exhibitions, international, national and industry quality programs:

  • diplomas «Hundred best goods of Russia», 2001, 2004, 2005.
  • diplomas and medals of the International Ecological Fund «Environmentally Safe Products», 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.
  • diploma and a medal «For high quality» of the international program «Golden Galaxy», Washington, USA, 2003, 2005.
  • diploma and medal «Golden Sirin», 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.
  • Grand Prix «Crystal Cyrene», 2003


The main biologically active ingredient of «Placentol» cosmetics is Balm «Placentol 100%» exclusive placental complex. Balm «Placentol 100%» is a result of biotechnology developed by a team «PBMCs Biotehindustriya» under the leadership of the USSR State Prize Laureate, Professor Lyubimov YI. Balm «Placentol 100%» - a unique natural bioactive cosmetic product that has no analogues in the world of curative cosmetics in content of components, physiologically compatible with the cells of the skin.

Cosmetic products «Placentol by Professor Lyubimov YI».

Active «Placentol» bio-serum (cosmetic series).

Consisting of placental bio-serums: Balsam «Placentol» Balm «Placentol – GIA», as well as the Professional bio-serum «Placentol» Professional and bio-serum «Placentol – A». Bio-serums are used in professional salons and for home care, in regenerative medicine.

Balm «Placentol» is used as a mild bio-peeling for face and body, a reducing agent for hair and head skin, rejuvenating lifting tool for the face and body, as well as in hardware cosmetology. According to the results of clinical trials it is used in regenerative medicine. When using bio-serum Balm «Placentol» as bio-peeling, it is necessary to wash off its remnants from the skin 20 minutes after the application with running water.
Balm «Placentol – GIA» containing hyaluronic acid, is used as an effective moisturizer for the face and eye area, as well as in hardware cosmetology. Balm «Placentol-GIA» PH - neutral, so the balm «Placentol-GIA» can be applied to the eye area can be not washed off after the application

Professional bio-serum «Placentol» and Professional bio-serum «Placentol-A» is used as a reducing agent after the professional salon procedures of tattoo and peeling, as express cosmetics for home care, as an effective professional cosmetic preparation, as well as in hardware cosmetology to achieve a more pronounced effect. Professional preparation balm «Placentol-MEZO» - placental polycomponent peptide bio-serum for professional skin care of face and neck. It has anti-aging, lifting effect, reduces the depth of facial wrinkles. It is used in apparatus cosmetology; a mezo-roller for daily revitalizing care.

"Russian seasons" series.

Peptide cosmetics for professional skin care.
Organic peptide professional cosmetic products without preservatives, synthetic dyes and perfumes can save the natural female beauty without causing irritation and allergies; perfectly assimilated by the cells of the epidermis and has no age restrictions. Healing effect on the skin caused by balanced qualitative and quantitative composition, high content of bioactive components and synergy effect from the use of natural ingredients. Each formula contains a couple of bright effective complementary phytocomponents determining the main purpose of the preparation.

"Metamorphoses" series.

Peptide cosmetics for professional care of skin and hair.
Effective maintenance of skin and hair tone, beauty fitness complex designed for people leading an active lifestyle. It allows you to activate the vital functions of the skin and hair, to restore health and beauty using natural, organic, biologically active ingredients and phytocomponents, conventionally used in pharmaceutical cosmetics. Active base of cosmetics series "Metamorphoses" creates a natural organic complexes, allowing to maximize the impact on your skin and hair.
Biologically active formula of series "Placentol-Metamorphoses": balm "Placentol 100%"(peptid bio-serum), orange juice, aralia extract, bamboo extract, immortelle sandy extract, hawthorn extract, essential oil of lemon verbena, essential oil of vetiver, vitamins A, E, witch hazel extract, hyaluronic acid, glycerol, glycine, magnesium gluconate and calcium, mountaineer multiflorous extract, grapefruit essential oil, essential oil of orange, purple loosestrife loosestrife, sweet clover extract, DMAE, Oplopánax elátus extract, wheat germ oil, green tea extract, ginger extract, fig extract, potato extract, pine nut butter, kiwi extract, clover extract, B vitamins, vitamin K and isoflavones, cranberry oil, horse chestnut extract, caffeine, essential oil of incense, lecithin, extract of flax seed, mango seed oil , natural mineral water, lactic acid, carrot extract, urea, peppermint extract, eyebright extract, fenugreek extract, panthenol, peony extract, wormwood extract, turnip extract, burdock extract, rhodiola rosea extract, comarum palustre extract, salicylic acid, plum extract, soy extract, cotton extract, hops extract, chrysanthemum extract, bilberry extract, saffron and turmeric extract, scutellaria baicalensis extract, apple extract, lichen, barley extract. 

Cosmetics «Magic Mirror» (cosmetic series).

Cosmetic series of wide usage range, supporting cometics class for all ages and types of skin. Cosmetics series «Magic Mirror» is used as a skin care complex for face, body and hair. A series of «Magic Mirror» is popular among residents sharply-continental areas, where the skin needs intensive protection and care. Series «Magic Mirror» effectively protects the skin against free radicals, nourishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates and tones the skin, helps to normalize the metabolism and cellular respiration. Night Cream for face «Magic Mirror» series is used in the treatment of psoriasis. The gel for the face against acne "Magic Mirror" series is used in dermatology. Means for hair «Magic Mirror» series normalize keratin content and revitalizes hair. According to the results of clinical trials cosmetic series «Magic Mirror» is used in dermatology and trichology. 
Biologically active formula of «Magic Mirror» cosmetic series: placental complex «Placentol 100%» natural vegetable oils (flaxseed, grape seed, jojoba, rosehip seed, peach, evening primrose (evening primrose oil), natural essential tea tree oil, vitamins A, E, provitamin B 5, allantoin, collagen, kaolin, extracts of sun-loving and drought-resistant plants of Russia (berries cowberry and rowan rose hips, juniper and hops, linden flowers, calendula and chamomile, the roots of Rhodiola rosea, parsley and dandelion, wheat germ oil, pine needles and pine buds, tussiliago herb and field horsetail).

Cosmetics «Placentol-API» (cosmetic series).

Cosmetic series «Placentol-API» refers to the newest class of neuro-cosmetics. Cosmetic series «Placentol-API» is the perfect restorative cosmetic complex for tired and aging skin of the face, neck, decolletage, stressed skin, as well as for young skin with signs of premature aging. At the first application provides immediate visual effect of the sfumato - soft silky shimmer of the smooth toned skin. Cosmetic series «Placentol-API» restore the physiological function of the skin. A unique combination of natural antioxidants and vitamins, protects the skin from harmful environmental influences and free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin. It prevents the formation of wrinkles, edema, vascular «stars», age spots, lightens the skin, restores healthy complexion. Gives comfortable feeling of well-groomed «Silk Skin». Healing cosmetics «Placentol-API» - the perfect preparation for skin rehabilitation after salon hardware methods of skin resurfacing (dermabrasion), deep glycolic peel or after plastic surgery.
Biologically active formula of «Placentol-API» cosmetic series: placental complex «Placentol 100%», propolis, royal jelly, yellow beeswax, DMAE, vitamin complex (C, A, panthenol), nutrient complex oil (sea buckthorn, peach, olive) restoring phytococtail from medicinal extracts (calendula, horsetail, hops, Rhodiola rosea, rose hips, nettle, bur-marygold).

Cosmetics «Placentol-Alpha» (cosmetic series).

Cosmetic series «Placentol-Alpha» is used in professional salons and home care, as well as in regenerative ophthalmology. Cosmetic series «Placentol-Alpha» is designed for gentle care for sensitive skin around the eyes. It helps to slow down the aging process, protects the skin from the harmful effects of external factors, stimulates and restores the natural metabolism of the skin cells. Cosmetics series «Placentol-Alpha» has a pronounced clinically proven anti-edematous, anti-stress and lifting effect, helps to eliminate cosmetic defects of skin around the eyes: swelling, inflammation, dark circles, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. According to the results of clinical trials cosmetic series «Placentol-Alpha» is recommended for use in practical regenerative ophthalmology, for the prevention of eye diseases, age-related changes visual organ and "chronic fatigue of eyes." Used for the prevention and correction of persistent visual impairments associated with dystrophic changes of the retina of the eye, to improve the quality of the visual life, including the improvement of the sharpness of mesopic vision,  dark adaptation time reduction, increase of the brightness and brightness-frequency sensitivity of the eye. It can be used in post-operative recovery period as a hygienic cosmetic preparation supplementing the appointed course of drug therapy. Helps to eliminate postoperative skin defects in the periorbital region: edema and inflammation.
Biologically active formula of «Placentol-Alpha» cosmetic series: placental complex «Placentol 100%», alpha-lipoic acid, milk thistle oil, dimetilaminetanol (DMAE), extracts of bilberry and cornflower, vitamin C, essential oil of blue chamomile.

Cosmetics «Placentol Express» (cosmetic series).

Cosmetics «Placentol Express» - a professional rapid action cosmetics, used in professional salons and home care. Professional cosmetics «Placentol Express» is designed for the rapid treatment of tired pale skin . It nourishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates, brightens and refreshes the skin, has a lifting effect. Professional cosmetics «Placentol Express» has no restrictions on the type of skin, is simple and economical to use, effective for men and women of all age groups. Professional cosmetics «Placentol Express» is popular among dynamic people who know the value of their time.
Biologically active formula of «Placentol Express» cosmetic series: placental complex «Placentol-Amnion», hyaluronic acid, vegetable oils (grape seed, avocado, wheat germ, apricot), extracts (rose hips, linden, chestnut, oats, aloe vera, birch leaves), essential oil (grapefruit, tea tree), vitamin A, menthol, camphor, caffeine.

«Placentol ROSE» series for sensitive skin.

Biocosmetics with damask rose for gentle care of sensitive skin. It does not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens. Recommended for salon, home and spa treatment.
Biologically active formula of cosmetic series "Placentol-ROSE": peptide bio-serum balm "Placentol -Amnion", hydrolat of damask rose, evening primrose oil, linden flower extract, collagen, cocoa butter, coenzyme Q10, D-panthenol, white mistletoe extract, peony extract, wheat germ oil, aloe vera extract, apple extract, grape seed extract, echinacea extract, burdock root extract, essential oil of damask rose, hyaluronic acid. 

"Placentol" for shower and bath.

Comfortable delicate care of skin health. Provides effective cleansing, toning, anti-aging effect by using natural ingredients. It does not contain aggressive surfactants, fragrances, preservatives and dyes."Placentol" for shower and bath.
Comfortable delicate care of skin health. Provides effective cleansing, toning, anti-aging effect by using natural ingredients. It does not contain aggressive surfactants, fragrances, preservatives and dyes.

Cosmetics «Renaissance» (cosmetic series).

"Renaissance" series is used in professional salons and home care as an effective supporting cosmetics. Cosmetic series "Renaissance" nourish and rejuvenate the skin, smooth wrinkles, restore skin tone, prevents early wilting and slow down the natural aging of the skin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin. Freshly squeezed cranberry juice helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels of the skin, binds free radicals and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, improves skin tone, vitaminizes, refreshes, whitens and rejuvenates the skin.
Biologically active formula of «Renaissance» cosmetic series: placental complex «Placentol 100%», jojoba oil, grape seed oil, hyaluronic acid, and freshly squeezed cranberry juice.

"Luteks" placental complex.

The main bioactive placental ingredient biologically active additives "Gastrofilin" and "Gastrofilin plus" - an exclusive placental complex "Luteks".

Original biotechnology used in production of natural complex "Luteks" developed by a team of "PBMCs Biotehindustriya» under the leadership of Laureate of the State Prize, Professor Lyubimov Yu. I. Placental Complex «Luteks» contains 20 amino acids including all of the essential, low molecular weight peptides, polysaccharides, including hyaluronic acid, succinic acid, chondroitin sulfate, lipids, DMAE, coenzyme Q 10, polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, alpha-fetoprotein, lecithin, cytokines (interferons, interleukins, growth factors), natural balanced set of vitamins (A, D, E, B1, B2, B5, B6 , B10, B12, Sun, PP, H), micro- and macroelements (magnesium, silicon, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium).

Biologically active additives «Placentol by Professor Lyubimov Yu.I.».

BAA «Gastrofilin».

It is used in regenerative medicine and for the prophylaxis of diseases. BAA «Gastrofilin» is intended for direct reception with food as a source of protein, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate. According to the results of medical tests recommended for clinical application in regenerative medicine as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, ophthalmic diseases.

BAA «Gastrofilin» effectively used in the following pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract: chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, chronic pancreatitis, chronic persistent hepatitis of alcoholic origin. As a result of clinical trials found that BAA «Gastrofilin» improves digestion, has a protective action, helps to restore the mucous membrane of the intestine and normalizes the microflora of intestines, stimulates intestinal motility, reduces inflammatory reaction.

BAA «Gastrofilin» promotes the improvement of the immune system and increase non-specific resistance.It contributes to significant reduction in oxidative stress. BAA «Gastrofilin» used in oncology practice as a health-building tool for improving the quality of life of cancer patients during treatment and for prevention of side effects after treatment.

BAA «Gastrofilin» is effectively used in the practice of ophthalmology as a general tonic, antioxidant and improving means of additional treatment and prevention of eye diseases, as well as the prevention of professional "chronic fatigue of eyes" and age-related changes of eye.

Biologically active formula of (composition): Placental Complex «Luteks», honey, olive oil, potato starch.

BAA «Gastrofilin Plus».

BAA «Gastrofilin Plus» is intended for direct reception with food as a source of vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, lipoic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, chondroitin sulfate. The recommended dose provides the daily requirement for vitamin E is 12%, in polyunsaturated fatty acids - 30%. According to the results of medical tests it is recommended for clinical application in regenerative medicine as an adjunct in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hepatobiliary system, as well as in treatment of patients with alcohol dependence.

BAA «Gastrofilin plus» is recommended for pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract: chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, chronic pancreatitis, chronic persistent hepatitis of alcoholic origin. BAA «Gastrofilin Plus» improves digestion, has a protective action, helps to restore the mucous membrane of the intestine and normalization of microflora, stimulates intestinal motility, reduces inflammatory reaction.

BAA «Gastrofilin plus» is used in complex treatment of patients with alcohol dependence. The inclusion of BAA «Gastrofilin plus» standard applied infusion therapy enhances the effectiveness of the detoxification activities. In a state after alcoholic intoxication is marked an influence of dietary supplements «Gastrofilin plus» for asthenic symptoms. The hepatotropic action of BAA «Gastrofilin plus» was noted during the medical trials: the main criterion hepatotropic activity of BAA «Gastrofilin plus»is its ability to reduce the activity of the liver by 20% or more to a 4-week administration.

Biologically active formula of (composition): placental complex «Luteks» natural oil thistle seed spotty, syrup hips, potato starch, lipoic acid.

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